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“We look forward to helping you improve your shooting”


What should I do to prepare for my lesson?
It would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with our shooting methodology. We suggest purchasing our instructional video courses and/or Straight Shooting book. These are great resources to review after your lesson.

How much ammo should I bring or can I buy ammo there?

Generally it is recommended that you bring one flat or 250-300  rounds with you for a two hour lesson.  You can always take it home with you if you bring too much! The range always has ammo for purchase if you want to buy it here. 

What if it rains?
Generally lessons are conducted unless there is heavy rain or lightening. It is suggested that you touch base with your instructor the day before your appointment if the weather looks bad. If it just looks like a light rain or shower bring your rain gear.
What is best form of payment?
Lesson fees must be paid cash or check.  Target fees can be paid with Visa or MasterCard.
Do I need a deposit? What is cancelation policy?

No, your commitment is your deposit. If you cancel less than 7 days prior to your scheduled appointment time you will be responsible for 50% of your lesson fee.  Same day cancelations and no shows will be billed for 100% of the missed lesson fee.  The invoice for this fee will be emailed or mailed to you and is due upon receipt.  Students with a reputation of canceling will not be scheduled in the future.  

Do you have guns we can use?
Yes, A.I.M. Shooting School will always provide use of a gun free of charge.
What method/technique does A.I.M. Shooting School teach?
A.I.M. Shooting School’s technique/method is based on being in “control” of every target by learning how to “connect” with each different type of presentation. You will learn to use the method that best allows you to get control of the target. You will end up using a variation of a few common shooting methods.

Read: Methodology

Tell me about the associate instructors?

Anthony’s associate instructors are very professional and have spent countless hours learning the same teaching style as Anthony so that A.I.M. Shooting School shares a common methodology. Diane Sorantino works with shooters of all experience levels. Hoss Hewitt works with novice shooters all the way up to AA Class competitors.” Kerry Luft works with novice shooters all the way up to AA Class competitors.

Associate instructors’ rates are considerably less expensive than Anthony’s rates so this offers a price structure that hopefully fits everyone’s budget.

Should I do a private lesson or a “shooting school?”
Both are very effective means of learning and you will learn a lot regardless which option you choose. Ask yourself if you would be more comfortable in a 1-on-1 scenario or with a group? In group “shooting schools” we try our best to keep experience levels as close to together as practical.
Can a friend and I share a lesson?

Yes, you can always bring one person to share a lesson at no additional charge. If you have 3+ students you will add a flat fee of $25 per hour that will be added to the hourly rate.

How long is a lesson?
This depends on many factors. There is always a 1.5 hour minimum on all lessons. If you are an experienced shooter it is recommended that your first lesson is 2-3 hours. For new shooters and beginners 1.5-2 hours is enough time for your first lesson. You can always share a lesson with a friend just plan accordingly to schedule enough time for 2 people. Generally 2 hours for 2 people is enough time and 3 hours for 2 people is even better.

It is suggested that students traveling in from out of town take 5-6 hours of instruction over two days.  We can customize a schedule that makes sense to you.

How often should I take a lesson?
You will become a better shooter after taking just one lesson. However, a series of lessons is the ideal way to really develop your shooting. The idea is to practice your homework in between lessons and follow up when you feel the time is correct for you. Some students take just one to two lessons every year, with other students taking lessons as frequently as every 2-3 weeks. There is no frequency that is correct as everyone has different time and financial constraints as well as different goals for their shooting.
How can we get you to come to our club?
Contact us for details. Depending on your location and travel time to your location we will quote you a price and a minimum number of days required.
If I am from out of town where should I fly into and where should I stay?

M&M Sporting Clays is located 21 miles from the Philadelphia International Airport.  M&M has a very nice lodge that is located on the club property. You can call the M&M office to schedule a room: (856) 935-1230. Click Here to learn more about our lodging.


Where can I find information about Scheduling?

Private Lessons:
Private lessons are most commonly scheduled for (2) hours. You're welcome to bring one (1) friend to share the lesson at no additional cost. If you are looking to book a (4) hour private lesson you will book two back-to-back time slots on the scheduling calendar. There are some (1)½ hour time slots available with Anthony. These are best designed for (1) student who is looking for a follow-up lesson, tune up, or to fix a specific problem.

Students looking to schedule a 3 hour session with Anthony can do so by booking two back-to-back (1)½ hour time slots. The other option for a (3) hour lesson is to schedule a (2) hour time slot at 2:30pm and email Anthony with a request to extend the lesson to 5:30pm. An email confirmation is required to extend the lesson.

Group Shooting Schools:
1/2 Day and Full Shooting School will be scheduled after completing questionnaire to ensure you are scheduled in the correct group. Follow THIS LINK to complete the information needed.


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