Timed To Win (DVD)


A Dynamic Approach to Sporting Clays with 23-time All-American Anthony Matarese Jr.

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Timed To Win with Anthony Matarese Jr.
(3 hour – 2 DVD Tutorial Sporting Clays DVD SET)

Two Tutorial Sporting Clay DVD SET.  This instructional video set was filmed in 2006 two years prior to Anthony winning the US Open & National Championship in the same year in 2008.   Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. A Dynamic Approach to Sporting Clays with 23-time All-American Anthony Matarese Jr. Few Sporting Clays Champions have accomplished as much in a lifetime as Anthony Matarese Jr. Recognized as one of the top competitors in the U.S. and the world, Anthony has earned his way onto 23 All-American teams in 25 years of competing. His list of accomplishments is long, impressive and still growing. Initially coached by the legendary Dan Carlisle, Anthony has developed his own unique style, which he calls a “Dynamic” approach to Sporting Clays, that he teaches to his students. Many have gone on to achieve remarkable successes on their own. Anthony reasoned that there may be a better method than a “do all” approach given the complexity and diversity that has come to define modern Sporting Clays, and instead developed a base technique with a few core principles that can be tailored to allow the shooter to engage a presentation in multiple ways depending on whether it is the first bird of a pair, the second, or a single as in F.I.T.A.S.C. Sporting. Anthony’s dedication to the game and his passion to pass what he has learned to other shooters is evident in this video. He has become one of the new young leaders in the shooting world and his experience will make you a better shooter.

Running time: 176 minutes – Video released / flimed in 2006 

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